I’ve moved to Instagram!

Hello my street style and fashion enthusiasts! Yes its been awhile since I’ve posted on here.

A big reason is I have moved my shots to Instagram! Please follow me there: shot.by.rain

Thanks and see you there!


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LA Street style in the Spring time

I took an impromptu road trip from San Francisco to hit up the city of Angels (LA), as I have never been here before.

I drove South for 6 hours, across mostly open terrain, through some bustling vineyards, citrus tree farms and cow pastures, finally entered the mountain pass that drops you into this city. These mountains were bursting with colorful, segregated patches of purple, yellow and orange poppy’s littering the hills as the sun seamed to reflect off each flowers petal. I finally made my descent into the heart of Los Angeles.

Finally in LA, I wanted to see for myself what all the hype was about. I’ve heard a lot about the LA rep; having the worst drivers in the world (worse than SF? I wondered). Validated. The beautiful people? Validated (tho the girls are just as cute in SF IMO, the LA boys however were much cuter ^_^)). The snubbery (unvalidated)-in fact the people were surprisingly nice, helpful and hospitable, though I didn’t hit up Beverly Hills so IDK how the uber rich behave…but hey, we all have our moments we aren’t proud of, lets just try to be nicer each day. Ok I’m getting off track.

Fast forward, here’s the street style photo’s I captured, mostly in the Fashion whole sale district and West Hollywood.



Me in my ‘beach attire’ at the Santa Monica Blvd.



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What the Dickens are they wearing?!

Each year’s end at the Cow Palace, Daly City (south of San Francisco), the 3-weekends long event of the ‘Dickens Fair’ commences. As in ‘Charles Dickens’, the 19th century author of the most popular Christmas novel, ‘A Christmas Carol’. Following the story being written in London, this fair’s entirety is dedicated to that time and place. An entire venue decorated with fake snow, dimly lit ‘street’s with small, individual shops with window pains to look through- to see people working about as they would during that century. Pie bakers, coffee servers, dance halls, bars and their operators, merchants carts strewn about the streets, filled with glittering hat pins, wooden mugs and jewelry alike (all to buy!). Each person’s you see in this great London hall, is properly dressed in that times attire. If you talk to them you might be surprised as their response is in the “Queens’ English”. You might find this very intimidating or the more entertaining! Some encourage you to talk to the actors that walk about, or set up as actual characters of that era.

Even a lot of attendee’s dressed up the part, or were inspired by 19th century London.

All-in-all, I had a splendid time, and I highly recommend you going-in costume! Here are some of my best captured…101112IMG_545245679IMG_546214151617182021221 copyIMG_5461IMG_549032Ending with the opera singer, calmly practicing in the hidden streets.

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Style on the streets of Italy!

Hello style enthusiasts! I have just returned from the most magnificent road trip thru Italy! If you have not visited this beautiful, most impressive in its grandeur, country yet-I greatly encourage you to. As for me, I will return, as I have only begun to capture the beauty of this land.

Here are some of the Italian street style that I came across. The main trends I noticed on the Italian men were attention to their feet; no socks, and rolled cuffs. As it is quite hot in Italy, most still don’t wear shorts, so they receive the cool breezes this way. Also, I saw a TON of polo’s. As I interpret this decision as to look presentable(collar), without having to wear a full button down shirt, and they also get short sleeves this way.

For the women, alway’s beautifully dressed, simple chic and feminine.

Definitely the land of the well dressed and always with personal style.


Italy has by far the highest populated country of cute men (especially when they have a dog) ❤

This in character older man was the cutest ^_^

Even a tourist can dress lovely! When so, please do!

Italian men rarely wear socks

Wicker-basket purses are “so hot right now”

Me show-tune dancing in Venice, Italy

And some I shot in Switzerland (same trip/the Italy road trip starting point).

I came across this monthly flea market held in Geneva, Switzerland, and loved capturing this Abbey’s find!

And such a beautiful bike!


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SF’s Treasure Island Flea Market Street style

For those not familiar with the beautiful, sparkling, mesmerizing landscape and water maze that is San Francisco Bar area, there are 2 main bridges; the famous Golden Gate bridge (whom turned 80 today-HBD!), there is also another unique bridge, that is sparkling white, longer, and also beautiful, that is the Bay Bridge. The Bay bridge connects the SF Bay area to Oakland. However there is one connecting island thats on the Bay Bridge, completely man-made, called ‘Treasure Island’.

At every last weekend of the month, Treasure Island hosts its “Flea Market”. Not just antiques, but bakers, musicians, artisan’s of many sorts, and food trucks, food trucks-(and it IS SF), so bars too.

This was my first time here, and I was not disappointed. I enjoyed a fresh coconut, and devoured a delicious Raspberry turnover and managed to not get the filling all over my white shirt (this is groundbreaking for me, so don’t judge..too much). Oh and the BEST part of the flea market-! Its uber dog friendly! So many dog’s ❤

However this blog is to show the style found there. A voila…

A view on Treasure Island, looking at the Bay Bridge and SF!

Its been awhile since I’ve posted-I know! But there will be a few new exciting ones this Summer…stay tuned!

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Street style of the infamous Alameda Antique Faire

I went to the Alameda Point Antique’s Faire last weekend, to check out the “biggest antiques fair in Northern California”. I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve never seen so many booths (~800) awesome vintage clothes, antique furniture and collectibles alike. Most were in really good condition!

I even found for myself, a 1940’s, French military jacket, in pristine condition! A dry cleaning later, its as good (and smells) as new! As my friend exclaimed while admiring the find “only in San Francisco” does one find such gems…

This fair had some fun stylish individuals as well, unique in their own style, as like the one of a kind pieces, expected to be found here.



Alameda antiques fair, 800+ booths, with San Francisco city in the background


This guy makes his own hats. Can find them here: Hampui Medicine Hats



My  exceptional find: Paul Boye Bedarieux, 1940’s French military jacket!



Me wearing my antiques fair find; 1940’s (WWII) French military jacket, for the first time! (at Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, SF)


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Sunny December: street style in Hayes Valley, San Francisco

December in California. San Francisco to be specific. My first Holiday season here. I just moved from the Evergreen state a few months ago. But let us skip the boring details and get onto this posts’ relevance.

Today was sunny, 68, and I headed to Hayes Valley, as they were doing a holiday block party! That means, Sales! Live orchestra! Free alcohol while you shop (a common occurrence here in SF). All-in-all, Hayes’ is one of my favorite shopping districts, as it always guarantee’s great street style siting’s. It was the perfect day.

The most eye-catching trends I saw was camel, camo, the always appropriate urban, the never leaving ‘bold and dramatic’, and even some peaks of cheery reds^^fullsizerender_3fullsizerenderI’m a sucker for Filson bags. They’re in almost any Hollywood film, when a guy carries an accessory. But they’re so chic on a chick, and they’re made in Seattle!fullsizerender_2fullsizerender_1-copy fullsizerender_1 fullsizerender_2-copy fullsizerender_3-copy fullsizerender_4 fullsizerender-copy^Then there’s me, the style hunter and my weapon of choice. With it, no stylish one is safe^-^

Until my next post-Merry Christmas, and may God bless you all with a great holiday season, celebrating with loved ones.

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Street style in NYC!

New. York. City. The city of street style. Amongst other things. I’ve always wanted to capture the NY city fashion’s, walk the footsteps of the likes of the late Bill Cunningham (may he be skipping on the golden streets of heaven, capturing whatever they wear there ^_^), Scott Schuman and other admirable style passion-strived photographers.

I got to spend a week running through the  streets of Brooklyn, with it’s victorian domino’d houses and their iconic front staircases and the cities graffitti’d walls…I road the descended, darkened tunnels of the subways, up into the noisy and beautiful concrete jungle streets of Manhattan, where I frolicked with my camera in tow, in all its liveliness. I thoroughly enjoyed all the city’s historic’s; infinite sky grabbing towers, enlarged city blocks, off the path-elevated-sidewalks’ that wind their way through the hidden and upcoming condo’s that looked like they were designed through a carnival’s warped hall of mirrors.

This city really never has a dull moment, nor too long between seeing a person with unique style. Here are a few of my finds:




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Sunny street style in San Francisco!

Update: I have moved from my home in Washington state and now live in San Francisco! The current debate that’s been in my head is which city is more beautiful on a sunny, 70+ degree day, Seattle or San Francisco? I haven’t been able to choose, so I say both, each in their own beauty.

As for whom has better style? San Francisco wins without trying. They have the more relaxed, carefree, fun and energetic (true Californian) style, but nonetheless, these SF’s take time and pride, dawning on their day-to-day threads.These people are individualists, transients-but with energy!

And the best part about living among the people in the heart of this transient city, is that everyone brings a piece of their culture to display, as you see them walking the streets on these waving hills of the city of San Francisco.


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Pops of color on the streets of SF!-even if you’re…a pig!?

San Francisco’s weather is very similar to Seattle’s, though slightly cooler, surprisingly. However, I’ve stated before, I’ve seemed to be (and gratefully so-) blessed with great weather, wherever I travel to. In this case, the SF weather was mostly, gorgeously-sunny! All-in-all a great day to frolic the foothills off and around California Ave. all the way to the financial district.

Upon my traverse, I ran into these stylish beauties:


The sweetest piggie I’ve met (don’t tell my pug, Leeloo!)


Color pop at Grace Cathedral


A break, in style

man and girl

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A few randoms, street style in Hong Kong…

Just wanted to add a few more street pix I picked up in Hong Kong a month ago! Enjoy.

2 3 4  61

This is a little outfit I got in HK, didn’t know I matched my dog so- >_<

Coming soon! San Francisco Summer Street Style!

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Who’s up for another round of Korean street style?!

I’ve mentioned before, that I love Korean street street style out of all that I’ve seen, while traveling broad. I see Korean fashion as a leader in youth fashion. They’re really good at taking the current trends we see on television, and making these more animated and fun! –Dawning bright and perfect lip colors you see in Paris, youthful black and white combinations, with all the modern textiles and modern lengths, all while placing their personal spin to express their unique individuality.

I managed to have some time off last Sunday, so I went to one of my favorite (and famous) shopping districts, Garosu-gil. Here, often you will run into other street style and fashion photographers (I ran into 3!), and always very fashionable people!





Club jackets and black and white










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