Seattle. Autumn. Rain! Lots of it! And here’s the fashion!

Who said Seattle has no fashion? Whomever did, should have to stand outside, in the rain, without a TNF jacket to protect them. Just kidding-sort of.

I was inspired by our last few weeks of downpour. Its Fall, rain is everywhere, ’tis the season and there is no point in staying indoors, for there is so much beauty to seek in these conditions!

I walked from Broadway to Pike place, seeking any fashionable people or just people with great personal style! I found a mix thereof.

I wanted to capture the living proofs that we can be fashionable and have good style, even in the rain! When most only think to wear a hard shell and rain boots to present themselves to the world.

I believe its more challenging and fun to express yourselves in what you wear in the rain, rather than just when it’s crisp and dry.

Seattle+Fall+Rain+ Fashion=<3




A fellow blogger, and a character 🙂

The infamous red soled stilhetto’s. A rarity to be seen in Seattle.

So don’t forget to dress in your best personal style when you venture out, even if it rains!-For there be bloggers everywhere….duhn duhn dunnn…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


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3 Responses to Seattle. Autumn. Rain! Lots of it! And here’s the fashion!

  1. Thinking fellow blogger and Character has the best style and the Orange glasses bring the whole look together! He is rocking it!

  2. Claudia Pinkham says:

    Fellow Blogger and Character is by far the most original with the best style!!

  3. Have a Taste says:

    I never realized Seattle was so fashionable!!!

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