Crisp, serene, Seattle Fall fashion scene

You can’t beat a sunny, Fall day in downtown Seattle. The sun kept peaking out of the clouds, just enough to dry and crisp the autumn leaves that whirled and scattered as the cars passed by on the brick and asphalt sidewalks of Seattle. People busily walking with their eyes cast down, listening to their music on their smart phones, or taking a quick smoke break in the nearby alley. Everyone minding their own business, only to be quickly interrupted by me asking to take their photo for this street-fashion blog.

As usual, they happily agreed to strike their best pose or carry-on doing what they were doing as I snapped their photos.

I did however have my first person to decline my request to take their photo today. I was sad for about 30 seconds…then I got over it.

This post’s theme is the colors.

First: the muted city camo colors

Next: The muted city camo colors WITH vibrant orange and coral reds as an accent piece part of their wardrobe. Pop colored socks sticking out of booties, everywhere this season too.

Loved this girl’s sense of bringing beautiful, brights into her Fall wardrobe.

So next time, before you venture out, add a bright colored accent piece to your ensemble, it helps make your city pretty!

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