Drenched Downtown Seattle’s hot fashion messes

Ridiculous amounts of rain poured in Downtown Seattle today. The wind and rain teamed up, the wind would bellow against your umbrella, turning it inside out, and the pouring rain would drench you afterwards. If that didn’t get you soaked, the passing cars hydroplaning across the flooded drains would. In the end, no one was making it outside and back without becoming a soggy hot mess.

I sifted through the messes and found just the ones rocking their style despite the rain.

I tried so hard to get a shot of someone being engulfed by this huge puddle, but in the process was turning into my own wet mess waiting for the shot in the rain 😦

This is a good way to rock the skinny jeans, guys:

A good way to easily brighten your otherwise grey and black wardrobe: Les Rouges!

Rocking the rouge AND his bright pumped up kicks

This visiting Cali-girl knows how to adapt to our city’s weather, with a hint of Euro-style

Or you can just wear many colour’s ^_^


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One Response to Drenched Downtown Seattle’s hot fashion messes

  1. I’m the girl visiting from California. 🙂 love your blog!! thanks for having me. 🙂 stay dry!

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