On the streets…shedding the layers…

Don’t you love when the weatherman’s wrong!? He’s been wrong all week. It was supposed to be full of rain. However, they turned out to be days like today; sun, warming, with a light breeze.

This made the masses leave their graven, fluorescent-illuminated, dark offices to stumble outside blindingly into the piercing but greeting sun, with one hand in front of their faces and the other clumsily searching for their latest pair of sunglasses on them. (I read somewhere that we have the highest sunglasses sales in our state. Probably because we lose them between the days of actual sun! I kid! We really don’t have that much rain…or do we…?).

Slowly they pick up their strides as they rediscover the city’s street scene now fully illuminated, and full of activities: Merchants and Farmers selling their goods down in Pike Place Market, hanging out at Westlake square, eating hot dogs, ice-cream, playing hacky sack, taking their photo’s with the Westlake police on their great stallions-and shedding their layers.

The layers…Sisters




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