Street style of Phuket, Thailand!

Hello my street style enthusiasts-! It has been a few weeks, however, as promised; here are some shots of the street style in Thailand! I was around the southern part, in laid back old Phuket town. I couldn’t help but take this area with a hint of Euro-inspiration. Yes there’s those that are still in awe of the ‘Westerners style’, however I saw more embrace their individuality and femininity of the Euro’s, and the laid back manner of the Aussies’s. This may be because American’s aren’t very often seen here, more Kiwi’s, Aussie’s, South American’s, Chinese and Euro’s.

All in all, they had very simple style, however unique, with attention to the bold, tropical colors.

_DSC9680_DSC9688_DSC9646 _DSC9653 _DSC9660  _DSC9681 _DSC9685 _DSC9694

Soon to come-More Hong Kong and Taiwan street style!

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