PAX 2014! Style, cosplay, games and entertainment!

This Labor day weekend I was torn between updating this style blog with the random’s at the musical festival, Bumbershoot’14 or, the Penny Arcade eXpo, PAX’14. Lets be honest, even if you’re not a gamer, cosplay can be so much more fun than trying to find the few people with street style.

Since PAX is always sold out, I had to hunt down my ticket (thanks Chris!) and went to my first PAX. This thing is huge! There’s no way one can see everything in 1 or even 2 days! And so much fun playing the new games, technologies (Oculus!!), and running into the plethora of hardcore cosplayer’s.

Just the reaction of them on the streets was the most entertaining ^^_DSC9290 _DSC9295 _DSC9298_DSC9351Inside PAX:_DSC9375_DSC9328 _DSC9332 _DSC9336 _DSC9341 _DSC9344 This was too precious not to shoot a photo:_DSC9313_DSC9318_DSC9364 _DSC9358_DSC9365 _DSC9373This green creeper grabbed me, and miss blue hand tried to mark me. This place shouldn’t be taken lightly O_O_DSC9379 _DSC9380 _DSC9384 _DSC9386 _DSC9389 _DSC9391 _DSC9392_DSC9401_DSC9399And my favorite:_DSC9395


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