Street style on Seattle’s 5th and Pine…always a lovely mush

I love 5th and Pine. Where the store, Allsaints Spitalfields, with its “London underground” vibe, stands abreast Zara and Nordstrom. These 3 act like a black hole for those with style. Their gravity pulling my style victims into my shots. Wether it be the tourists from other countries, bringing along their home style, or just the local’s that know how to properly dress in respect, that is, to be in style, as they seek their next wearable piece of art, at this corner block.

From the sartorial, the trendy, to the very unique, one-of-a-kind, more daring fashionista’s, to the convention cos-players alike, all can be spotted on this corner. And the time between seeing all the varieties, is never a bore.

_DSC9311 _DSC9313 _DSC9320 _DSC9326

This chic, young, lady was shot in in Pike Place, but definitely a tourist. A tourist with respect._DSC9415

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