Sunny, warm, sandals on cobblestone, downtown Seattle street style

It has been awhile, my style watchers…my apologies <insert extensive grovel here>

There’s something about wandering around Downtown, especially on a much enjoyed, sunny and warm morning. I think its a mix of walking on brick and cobblestone streets, a rarity in this too-new of a country, one that is mostly built on quick-lying asphalt that deteriorate in a matter of a few years. As you get down to 1st and Pike, Pine or Stewart, out comes the old Seattle port structures of original buildings, arches, brick streets and the piercing blues of the water and sky that greet you as you descend down to Pike Place market.

Merchants, open coffee and pastry shops, street performers and the disarray of the fragrant, in-full bloom, flower bundles,  all race to catch your attention. And then there’s those that catch my attention, those that have unique style, aren’t afraid to express themselves nor take an extra 20 minutes in their morning to look beautiful when they go out. _DSC9304 _DSC9298_DSC9306 _DSC9311_DSC9313 _DSC9314 _DSC9318_DSC9287I saw this graffiti and chuckled.


Coming next:

Street style in Vietnam!





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