Street style in NYC!

New. York. City. The city of street style. Amongst other things. I’ve always wanted to capture the NY city fashion’s, walk the footsteps of the likes of the late Bill Cunningham (may he be skipping on the golden streets of heaven, capturing whatever they wear there ^_^), Scott Schuman and other admirable style passion-strived photographers.

I got to spend a week running through the  streets of Brooklyn, with it’s victorian domino’d houses and their iconic front staircases and the cities graffitti’d walls…I road the descended, darkened tunnels of the subways, up into the noisy and beautiful concrete jungle streets of Manhattan, where I frolicked with my camera in tow, in all its liveliness. I thoroughly enjoyed all the city’s historic’s; infinite sky grabbing towers, enlarged city blocks, off the path-elevated-sidewalks’ that wind their way through the hidden and upcoming condo’s that looked like they were designed through a carnival’s warped hall of mirrors.

This city really never has a dull moment, nor too long between seeing a person with unique style. Here are a few of my finds:




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