Sunny December: street style in Hayes Valley, San Francisco

December in California. San Francisco to be specific. My first Holiday season here. I just moved from the Evergreen state a few months ago. But let us skip the boring details and get onto this posts’ relevance.

Today was sunny, 68, and I headed to Hayes Valley, as they were doing a holiday block party! That means, Sales! Live orchestra! Free alcohol while you shop (a common occurrence here in SF). All-in-all, Hayes’ is one of my favorite shopping districts, as it always guarantee’s great street style siting’s. It was the perfect day.

The most eye-catching trends I saw was camel, camo, the always appropriate urban, the never leaving ‘bold and dramatic’, and even some peaks of cheery reds^^fullsizerender_3fullsizerenderI’m a sucker for Filson bags. They’re in almost any Hollywood film, when a guy carries an accessory. But they’re so chic on a chick, and they’re made in Seattle!fullsizerender_2fullsizerender_1-copy fullsizerender_1 fullsizerender_2-copy fullsizerender_3-copy fullsizerender_4 fullsizerender-copy^Then there’s me, the style hunter and my weapon of choice. With it, no stylish one is safe^-^

Until my next post-Merry Christmas, and may God bless you all with a great holiday season, celebrating with loved ones.

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