Street style of the infamous Alameda Antique Faire

I went to the Alameda Point Antique’s Faire last weekend, to check out the “biggest antiques fair in Northern California”. I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve never seen so many booths (~800) awesome vintage clothes, antique furniture and collectibles alike. Most were in really good condition!

I even found for myself, a 1940’s, French military jacket, in pristine condition! A dry cleaning later, its as good (and smells) as new! As my friend exclaimed while admiring the find “only in San Francisco” does one find such gems…

This fair had some fun stylish individuals as well, unique in their own style, as like the one of a kind pieces, expected to be found here.



Alameda antiques fair, 800+ booths, with San Francisco city in the background


This guy makes his own hats. Can find them here: Hampui Medicine Hats



My  exceptional find: Paul Boye Bedarieux, 1940’s French military jacket!



Me wearing my antiques fair find; 1940’s (WWII) French military jacket, for the first time! (at Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, SF)


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