SF’s Treasure Island Flea Market Street style

For those not familiar with the beautiful, sparkling, mesmerizing landscape and water maze that is San Francisco Bar area, there are 2 main bridges; the famous Golden Gate bridge (whom turned 80 today-HBD!), there is also another unique bridge, that is sparkling white, longer, and also beautiful, that is the Bay Bridge. The Bay bridge connects the SF Bay area to Oakland. However there is one connecting island thats on the Bay Bridge, completely man-made, called ‘Treasure Island’.

At every last weekend of the month, Treasure Island hosts its “Flea Market”. Not just antiques, but bakers, musicians, artisan’s of many sorts, and food trucks, food trucks-(and it IS SF), so bars too.

This was my first time here, and I was not disappointed. I enjoyed a fresh coconut, and devoured a delicious Raspberry turnover and managed to not get the filling all over my white shirt (this is groundbreaking for me, so don’t judge..too much). Oh and the BEST part of the flea market-! Its uber dog friendly! So many dog’s ❤

However this blog is to show the style found there. A voila…

A view on Treasure Island, looking at the Bay Bridge and SF!

Its been awhile since I’ve posted-I know! But there will be a few new exciting ones this Summer…stay tuned!

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