Style on the streets of Italy!

Hello style enthusiasts! I have just returned from the most magnificent road trip thru Italy! If you have not visited this beautiful, most impressive in its grandeur, country yet-I greatly encourage you to. As for me, I will return, as I have only begun to capture the beauty of this land.

Here are some of the Italian street style that I came across. The main trends I noticed on the Italian men were attention to their feet; no socks, and rolled cuffs. As it is quite hot in Italy, most still don’t wear shorts, so they receive the cool breezes this way. Also, I saw a TON of polo’s. As I interpret this decision as to look presentable(collar), without having to wear a full button down shirt, and they also get short sleeves this way.

For the women, alway’s beautifully dressed, simple chic and feminine.

Definitely the land of the well dressed and always with personal style.


Italy has by far the highest populated country of cute men (especially when they have a dog) ❤

This in character older man was the cutest ^_^

Even a tourist can dress lovely! When so, please do!

Italian men rarely wear socks

Wicker-basket purses are “so hot right now”

Me show-tune dancing in Venice, Italy

And some I shot in Switzerland (same trip/the Italy road trip starting point).

I came across this monthly flea market held in Geneva, Switzerland, and loved capturing this Abbey’s find!

And such a beautiful bike!


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