What the Dickens are they wearing?!

Each year’s end at the Cow Palace, Daly City (south of San Francisco), the 3-weekends long event of the ‘Dickens Fair’ commences. As in ‘Charles Dickens’, the 19th century author of the most popular Christmas novel, ‘A Christmas Carol’. Following the story being written in London, this fair’s entirety is dedicated to that time and place. An entire venue decorated with fake snow, dimly lit ‘street’s with small, individual shops with window pains to look through- to see people working about as they would during that century. Pie bakers, coffee servers, dance halls, bars and their operators, merchants carts strewn about the streets, filled with glittering hat pins, wooden mugs and jewelry alike (all to buy!). Each person’s you see in this great London hall, is properly dressed in that times attire. If you talk to them you might be surprised as their response is in the “Queens’ English”. You might find this very intimidating or the more entertaining! Some encourage you to talk to the actors that walk about, or set up as actual characters of that era.

Even a lot of attendee’s dressed up the part, or were inspired by 19th century London.

All-in-all, I had a splendid time, and I highly recommend you going-in costume! Here are some of my best captured…101112IMG_545245679IMG_546214151617182021221 copyIMG_5461IMG_549032Ending with the opera singer, calmly practicing in the hidden streets.

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