LA Street style in the Spring time

I took an impromptu road trip from San Francisco to hit up the city of Angels (LA), as I have never been here before.

I drove South for 6 hours, across mostly open terrain, through some bustling vineyards, citrus tree farms and cow pastures, finally entered the mountain pass that drops you into this city. These mountains were bursting with colorful, segregated patches of purple, yellow and orange poppy’s littering the hills as the sun seamed to reflect off each flowers petal. I finally made my descent into the heart of Los Angeles.

Finally in LA, I wanted to see for myself what all the hype was about. I’ve heard a lot about the LA rep; having the worst drivers in the world (worse than SF? I wondered). Validated. The beautiful people? Validated (tho the girls are just as cute in SF IMO, the LA boys however were much cuter ^_^)). The snubbery (unvalidated)-in fact the people were surprisingly nice, helpful and hospitable, though I didn’t hit up Beverly Hills so IDK how the uber rich behave…but hey, we all have our moments we aren’t proud of, lets just try to be nicer each day. Ok I’m getting off track.

Fast forward, here’s the street style photo’s I captured, mostly in the Fashion whole sale district and West Hollywood.



Me in my ‘beach attire’ at the Santa Monica Blvd.



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