Pike place street style “peaks” between Seattle’s showers

It was but a rare glimpse of a sunny day in Pike Place market last Friday. With my camera on hand, I was able to shoot a few that captured me and my lens’ interest



More to come once the sun comes out for more than 2 hours!

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Street style in Seoul, South Korea!

I just bombed around Seoul for a few days, and took advantage of a few hours I had, to be guided around the University district, by a rather fashionable colleague, himself. I told him about my street style blog and he instantly knew where to take me.

I’m an admirer of K-pop and Korean street style alike. They take risks, the men always in a statement fashion piece, either the long, British-military over-sized jacket, or the early 90’s inspired ball cap with a small embroidery. I took this as ‘large statement with small accent statements’ look. The ladies all in over-sized jackets alike, nothing tailored, big fur collars and tights under boots. The look of max cover warmth over minimal under layers.

I was quite inspired to find an alike over-sized jacket, tried on a few, and dang was I swimming in them! I finally found my own, more subtle version in Zara, Hong Kong. I felt this was cheating, but hey, I am an American, we take baby steps to larger fashion statements.

I do think that Korean fashion is definitely a leading one.





The baseball cap with small patch-these were everywhere!


Some famous Korean actor-he was camera shy^_^




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Vancouver, BC style on the streets

I had recently took a 2-day trip to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Somehow, a couple hundred mile drive takes you to quite the difference in frigidity. No matter how many layers of stockings one wears, the cold pierces right through.

It is harder to find the more stylish out in that atmosphere. Most are bundled up as much as possible, myself included. In the end we all kind of look like puffy little marshmallows, toasted in layers of grey and black.








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Get your Autumn on Its Leavenworth time

Last weekend was the launch of Autumn in classic Leavenworth, WA. The weekends before Octoberfest’s beer extravaganza. This is the best time to visit Holland town, IMO; no snow on the pass, still warm and sunny though crisp, and the hills are beginning to the climax with the Fall colors.

Leavenworth did their annual parade on this day, and I managed to capture a few interesting spectators.

FullSizeRender_1A clever way to show artFullSizeRender  I think this lady has some awesome stories about her life^^FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_3

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The end of Summer style..for now

It is official; Summer has ended. If you’re like me, this is a gleeful moment, as you imagine yourself dawning on your over-the-knee-socks-over-tights, dresses, scarves and boots, and traipsing across wet streets littered with fall leaves and occasionally finding a puddle to splash through. Oh the Fall fashion to look forward to seeking, re-creating, and seeing upon fellow stylists.

So for this post, I have gathered the last of of my Summer street shots.

IMG_9502FullSizeRender[1] FullSizeRender_DSC9630So go out and get (if you haven’t already) your September issue of Elle or Vogue (our fashion bibles of the year), get out your layers, and lets begin another season of the best fashion!

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Goooood morning Vietnam-street style!!

I just got back, state side, from spending 8 days in Vietnam. From Nimh Binh to Hanoi, and even took a 2-day motorcycle trip from Hanoi to Mai Chau. Though this isn’t a travel blog, but a street style and fashion one. So here are some the the gems that I was able to capture in Hanoi city.

To be honest, I was hoping to get a lot more shots, however during this time of year, is the hottest. Unlike the western cultures, where anytime the temperature passes 70, we dawn on sandals and short shorts, the Asian cultures do the opposite; they cover from head to toe. Especially when they’re riding, they have full hoodies with extra long sleeves that cover the tops of the hands from any sun’s ray they can avoid. This is not just so that they don’t get sunburned, but to maintain the lightest skin tone possible.

This being so, it was hard to capture their personal style’s under riding layers, for they only took these off once they reached their inside destination. It really was a rarity to see anyone that rode around without the covers, making my findings minimal! But I did get to capture a few!

_DSC9398 Such a beautiful traditional Vietnamese dress, the Ao Dai_DSC9403 Kate Moss if she was Vietnamese? IMG_8571_DSC9620I found these in a Northern Museum in Mai Chau, of the white Thai culture’s traditional dress (they have 2 separate cultures, the white and the black)_DSC9542 _DSC9543A lovely designer I met in Mai ChauIMG_8670Probably a tourist, but I liked his choices of color matching_DSC9623Normally I don’t post pictures of my self-but I couldn’t help it in this Vietnam-Parisian foyer of mirrors^_^IMG_8705When in Vietnam-ride the madness! (me in front of the Vietnam Opera house)_DSC9603

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Sunny, warm, sandals on cobblestone, downtown Seattle street style

It has been awhile, my style watchers…my apologies <insert extensive grovel here>

There’s something about wandering around Downtown, especially on a much enjoyed, sunny and warm morning. I think its a mix of walking on brick and cobblestone streets, a rarity in this too-new of a country, one that is mostly built on quick-lying asphalt that deteriorate in a matter of a few years. As you get down to 1st and Pike, Pine or Stewart, out comes the old Seattle port structures of original buildings, arches, brick streets and the piercing blues of the water and sky that greet you as you descend down to Pike Place market.

Merchants, open coffee and pastry shops, street performers and the disarray of the fragrant, in-full bloom, flower bundles,  all race to catch your attention. And then there’s those that catch my attention, those that have unique style, aren’t afraid to express themselves nor take an extra 20 minutes in their morning to look beautiful when they go out. _DSC9304 _DSC9298_DSC9306 _DSC9311_DSC9313 _DSC9314 _DSC9318_DSC9287I saw this graffiti and chuckled.


Coming next:

Street style in Vietnam!





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Street style on Seattle’s 5th and Pine…always a lovely mush

I love 5th and Pine. Where the store, Allsaints Spitalfields, with its “London underground” vibe, stands abreast Zara and Nordstrom. These 3 act like a black hole for those with style. Their gravity pulling my style victims into my shots. Wether it be the tourists from other countries, bringing along their home style, or just the local’s that know how to properly dress in respect, that is, to be in style, as they seek their next wearable piece of art, at this corner block.

From the sartorial, the trendy, to the very unique, one-of-a-kind, more daring fashionista’s, to the convention cos-players alike, all can be spotted on this corner. And the time between seeing all the varieties, is never a bore.

_DSC9311 _DSC9313 _DSC9320 _DSC9326

This chic, young, lady was shot in in Pike Place, but definitely a tourist. A tourist with respect._DSC9415

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Seattle Sakuracon…spilling all over the streets


Once again, it was Sakuracon weekend in Seattle. The time of year where those with less usual interests, creative and daring, fans of stories origins from Japan, brought to life by the hardest fans, spilling into the streets of downtown Seattle, to liven up the otherwise mostly demure masses.

Here are some of my favorite of the cosplayer’s._DSC9289 _DSC9332_DSC9292 _DSC9298 _DSC9304   _DSC9355 _DSC9377 _DSC9393 _DSC9397 _DSC9423 _DSC9444_DSC9432

Thanks for brightening up Seattle!

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The girl in green and the guys with style

Spring is (finally-but yet too soon?) here! Even half of the cherry blossom and magnolia trees got the early memo. I suppose its time to let bygones be-missing the snow altogether, here in the city and mountains alike. I swear this city likes to whine overtly so, but as soon as our sentences of dismay are over, the sun’s warmth reaches our squinting faces and suddenly we’re in full pigeon-mode, puffing our feathers up and frolicking in the sunlight with our new Spring pieces, not regarding the now-oh-so-heavy-and-drab-winter-coats behind.

Its beautiful out there, and warmth to match it. No more false sunny but freezing days.

Its time to remember who we are and not be afraid to show it!

Today’s favorite: The girl in (bright) green!

Just stunning._DSC9287Trending this year (and next): Tribal meets the rugged westerner _DSC9292 Collecting his Spring wardrobe I’m sure._DSC9295



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Street style in HK+Taipei…Back in Black?

Are Asia cities such as Taipei+ Hong Kong just getting the ‘dress in black’ memo that our US cities have been stuck in for far too long, and just barely emerged to breath a fresh breath of dawning vibrant colors to our once abysmal warkdrobe’s??


Is Asia leading the next trend, bringing us back to the basics…you decide…

On the streets of Taipei:

_DSC9288 _DSC9296 _DSC9304 Back to Hong Kong:_DSC9326_DSC9334 _DSC9341 I did see a lot more rounded glasses on the youth_DSC9346 _DSC9348One other observation I had while in Honk Kong, from the last time I was there; everywhere the ladies were wearing booties, nothing above mid-calf height. This Winter however I saw predominantly higher boots, back to the knees or above. FullSizeRender IMG_6533 IMG_6535Though I still believe American fashion is often its own (I always see other countries mimic the relaxed and once rugged look), or still believe its often behind the leading trend setters such as Europe by at least a year. I see increasingly, countries emerging to follow the same seasons trend as the country across the ocean, largely due to visual communication always on our palms, social networks and more people traveling and living abroad-its often too easy to follow the same trends.

I hope this doesn’t persist for too much longer, for I know myself and many others look to other countries untiqueness, as our own inspiration, to not be a part of the masses.


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Street style in Seattle this Christmas season: wrapped, cozy and festive!

In this ever growing metropolitan city of gray, the uber casual, comfortable and careless are the masses that roam the grey streets of Seattle. Among them, are the few that stand out, and could care less for doing so-with their attention to the small details, wether it be a well made boot, a daring skirts silhouette or showing their appreciation for not just the latest technology they dawn, but the craftsmanship behind it.

_DSC9308 _DSC9319 _DSC9323 _DSC9329I hope during this season’s many holidays, that you won’t be afraid to be yourself while sticking our from the gray masses.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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